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Xenia Scrubs and Salts

About me 

Hello, my name is Xenia, I started my small business by being a stay at home mom looking for something to make an income. I love nature and what it has to offer as healing components. I started giving it more thought as my youngest daughter has eczema and sensitive skin. I started out by using 100% natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, and grape seed oil and I researched the benefits that's in these oils and noticed that they have benefits that help with inflammation and flare ups. I even tried them out on myself because I also developed very dry patches on my skin. While doing my research on oils and moisturizers for the skin I found out that I can make body scrubs and use these oils in them to relieve the dryness and itchiness that the seasonal weather offers. 

About Product​​

Xeniascrubsandsalts products are all natural with no toxic or chemical ingredients. I use 100% essential oils. They are made to exfoliate the dead skin cells and leave you feeling smooth and soft to the touch.  My products are also made to uplift people that suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia, and eczema flareups in a natural way. 

"This is amazing. I've been going to the gym a lot and the rose petal bath salt was amazing and extremely relaxing! I would recommend it especially if you have sore muscles and need some TLC!!"

Portia Palmer

"These bath scrubs leave my skin feeling so soft and silky. I absolutely love these. I will be getting a lot more."

Amber Wright 

"Pricing totally isn't bad for the quality of the product. I'll definitely buy again."

Tamara Martinez 

Purchased two of these for stocking stuffers. The recipients liked both very much. One product was the Lavender Lemonade scrub and i can't remember the other, I believe it may have been the Lemongrass. They smelled really good and were also reasonably priced! The entrepenuer is a nice lady who took her time to meet me when it was convenient for me. Try them out!

Evelyn Nye

I'm in love with the rose oil. I will definitely be purchasing it again.

Nicole Johnson 

I have been using the Rose scrub along with the Rose water and I love love love it. I see a big change in my skin and that’s the change I been wanting. So if you haven’t tried the scrubs or spray please I recommend that you do.

Trickytah Vaughn